For about 5 minutes on Friday afternoon the garden had a fairytale thick white carpet, seemless and pure.  And then Syra needed a wee!  That was it, white carpet was done for so we had a good old troop around the garden, checking boundary fences and ensuring no cat was going to breach defences.  When Syra was content all was in order she then proceeded to bury her face in the snow, coming up with a little white snow ball on top of her nose, ever so cute.  When she finished with that, she then proceeded to eat the snow! 

Saturday and Sunday were spent taking Syra out in the garden on the lead and putting heat packs on her wound, polishing all the wooden furniture in the house and painting.  Matt & I finally agreed on a colour - it's green - and I hate to admit it but it's the green Matt suggested.  All done - the two chimney breasts are painted, as is a bit of the ceiling and a bit of the wall surrounding the chimney breast.  Oops!

Although Matt's feeling better, he's still not feeling great and so spent most of the weekend in bed.  It is rather worrying as not even Sky + or food seems to be of much interest at the moment.  We've been in touch with Claire and Fred and they seem to think it's a matter of Matt getting through it, there aren't many more drugs we can add to the cocktail Matt's already on...

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