This week has just been a blur.  Monday we were at the QE Hospital for Matt's lung scan.  After an hour of scanning we were informed that Matt didn't have a Pulmonary Embolism and that he could go home.  Quite what is causing Matt's breathlessness is still a mystery but at least we know he doesn't have any rogue clots.

Tuesday I was back at work, actually at work and not working from home.  The day just flew by tying up loose ends from the previous week.  After telling Matt I'd be home just before 7, I didn't actually leave work until 8 pm so Matt was back in bed by the time I got home.  One bit of good news, although there's no pay rise with the new role, I have had some training approved and have a review in 6 months.

Wednesday started with a meeting and carried on with me on the go with meetings in various locations around Oxford with little time to actually get any work done and today consisted of a forum which, thankfully, came together at the last moment.

One fact I am immensely proud of is that on Monday and Tuesday evenings no alcohol passed my lips - quite possibly the first two dry days since Matt's tumour came back in April 2012.  Last night, I succumbed to a wee glass of warming red wine - just to finish the bottle off...


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