Feeling human, finally

After 6 days of waking up and feeling like death warmed up it's such a relief to finally wake up and feel semi human again.

I really could have done with my mum this past week.  I think my body just said enough's enough.  No more caring, cooking, cleaning - time to reboot.  And that's exactly what I did.  From the time I came home from work on Thursday until this morning I've pretty much just slept.  Thankfully the flu, with the help of trusty lemsip, honey and clemintines, has just about worked its way out my system.  The one good thing is that Matt doesn't seem to have caught the bug.

Syra keeps poking her nose at me as I type this reminding me that she needs to be taken out on a walk and there's 6 days of walks to catch up on!

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