He missed me!

My return to the UK and the return of Matt & Syra from Birmingham.  Thankfully they were both pleased to see me and Matt even professed that he missed me.  That hasn't happened before!

Matt had been all excited about the Birmingham Boys weekend and it started off well enough with a visit to the family haunt, Kababish.  I think it all fizzled after that and despite best intentions he never made it to the Electric Cinema and had to settle for takeaway Chinese rather than making it to China Town.

Just as well they were back too as I discovered Matt was out of pills and out of coedine.  I spent the morning chasing his new steroid prescription and it seems the hospital sent a letter stating the old steroid rather than the new one through to the GP.  It'll be de ja vu this morning as I go through the same old process again - another scrat around as I try to get the prescription filled and in to work on time.

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