I did it!

Formally told by the Associate Dean of Exec Ed that the role of "Special Project Manager" is mine!!!  Finally - after three days of waiting...  It was such a relief but what with everything else going on, I almost forgot to celebrate.  I've finally got the job I've been waiting two years for, it's going to be fabulous!

I was meant to have a half day today and Matt and I were meant to be heading down to London to see Steven Fry perform in 12th Night at the Apollo, and then head on over to Rachel's to catch up with her and my ever so "teenage" nephews and niece.  However, after a 3/4 day, I arrived home to find Matt in not such a great state.  My back up plan was to head down to London by myself, meet up with Rachel and see the play with her before heading straight back home to spend the weekend with Matt.  I quickly realised this wouldn't be fair on Matt and I wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving him by himself again.  I called the theatre to try and rebook only to find out it was the final night tomorrow night and that was all booked up, gutted...  The theatre were very good though and offered to resell the tickets on our behalf so we could be refunded.

Time to start the celebrations!

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