No clear answers

Wednesday 6 February.  Waitangi Day.  Also the day Syra was due back at the vets and for a trip up to the Q E Hospital to get Matt's scan results.

The vet was quite pleased with Syra - she wasn't favouring her leg quite as much but they thought the injury was in her knee joint so she was to have rest and to be carried up the stairs again - both torture for Syra.

Matt managed to force himself through half a bowl of shreddies and half a yoghurt by noon, when we had to leave for Birmingham.  Unfortunately the Prof was away in London, but the lovely Macmillan nurse, Claire, did the consultation.  She started by asking Matt some questions but he just couldn't get the words out.  She checked his stats, which were a bit low, especially when he exerted himself by taking his sweatshirt off or walking across the room.  On listening to his chest she couldn't detect anything untoward but sent him off for a chest x-ray to be sure.  Both the scan results and the chest x-ray came back with no cause for concern.  The tumour was still there but was stable when compared to the previous one in October.  So what the hell's going on?  The theory is that because Matt's reduced his steroids from 8mg down to 2mg, he's feeling the after effects of this - breathlessness, exhaustion and loss of appetite.  As Matt's current quality of life is so poor, we discussed whether it would be possible for Matt to take a break or at least switch to a different type of chemo - a decision the Prof will need to advise on.

We returned back home and Matt headed straight up to bed, refusing anything to eat or drink.  An absolutely exhausting, worrying day with no clear answers or end in sight. 


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