Chemo's off on Monday but we're still heading on up to the QE Hospital as Matt's now got a Nuclear Medicine Lung Scan.  It was decided that Matt would have a break from chemo this month and then start up again in 6 weeks - so he's rebooked for 8 April. 

Matt has slowly picked himself back up again in the past week.  He's eating - not much, but at least I'm not having to force feed him any more.  He's lost the puffiness from his face and is starting to lose weight.  Syra and I, on the other hand, are steadily gaining weight as we continue to eat and not do any exercise.  Matt's not getting as breathless as he was.  The scan on Monday should shed some more light on that.  Matt's also due to change his steroids from Dexamthasone to Prednisilone. 


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