Rain check

Well, that wasn't quite the weekend I was expecting.  Matt woke on Saturday feeling out of breath and naseous.  He was able to regain control of his breathing fairly quickly but it took him longer to get over the naseousness.  As a result, we took a rain check with Dr Bock and Rui. 

Matt spent the day in bed, exhausted.  Mal, Jenni and Alfie left just before lunch.  Not sure what else to do, I went back to bed to be with Matt.  It's so hard when you can't see what's hurting someone, when you can't patch it up and kiss it better.

Syra had been doing the vet proud, walking well and even allowed up and down the stairs (on her lead).  I took her out for a walk down to the canal on Saturday morning and another walk around town in the late afternoon and she seemed fine, loving being out and about again.  On Sunday morning I took Syra back down to the canal but then noticed that she was really favouring her leg.  We turned straight around and she limped back home.  As soon as she was home, she adopted a 3 leg hop.  Bless her, she's been doing so well.  I so hope I haven't set her back.

Matt, on the other hand, seemed a little better on Sunday and spent the afternoon watching the football and rugby on TV.  By five o'clock he was exhausted again and was back up to bed.  Two more sleeps until we get the scan results.

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