The Interview

Yesterday I had an interview for the job I've been holding out for for the past two and a bit years.  I turned down an internal promotion last year in the hope that this role would come up.   It's got me written all over it.  "Special Projects Manager."  The job title says it all really!!!

I had the interview yesterday afternoon.  The panel was 4 people that I knew so it's really difficult to describe how well suited to the role you are when it's people you work with everyday.  The  interview was all questions, which I'm useless at.  I say the first thing that comes to my head whether or not it's relevant...  Worse still, my head was all over the place as I was worried about Matt at home by himself and the impending scan results.  The end of the interview finally came and they asked if I had any questions.  To show just how little I'd prepared for the interview I uttered a big, fat, resounding, "No!" 

I find out latter this afternoon whether or not I'm the successful candidate.  Fingers crossed - or as the lovely Debs says, all crossables crossed! 

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