Waitangi Day celebrations

Alfie, or Prince Charles as I like to call him (ears too big for his head) has surpassed Syra in the cuter than a button, more energy than an Duracell battery and nosier than a meerkat!  Mal, Jenni and wee Alfie came to visit on Wednesday.  Just in case you're wondering, Alfie is a Springer Spaniel puppy!  Syra was delighted with the company at first however after a mere few mintues of chasing Alfie around our pocket sized lounge she was panting and, dare I say it, knackered.  I think it came as quite a shock to her that she's not as young and fit as she used to be - just like Matt and me!

Thankfully it's just about the weekend so we can relax and enjoy the company of Dr Bock and Rui who are coming to visit us in Banbury.  In honour of their visit, we're celebrating Waitangi Day early - onion dip, lamb, Whittakers chocolate bars and lashings of good old NZ wine!  Mmm Mmm, can't wait.

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