Fits, falls & frost

Sunday night, nice and relaxed, just starting to doze off and Matt has a fit. He'd queried whether I'd adjusted his seizure medication so he'd been feeling fitty for a day or two. No idea why he had the fit but in 100% typical Matt style he was back up & about on Monday, not prepared to let anything get the better of him. I've had dinner cooked & waiting for me for the past two days, dishes washed and smoothies to sample - feeling very spoilt!

Despite Matt's stoic determination, the one thing he can't do anything about is the weakness on his right side and he's been quite aware of just how weak his right leg is at the moment - to the point of not being able to keep balance or falling over.

Syra's leg meanwhile is just about back to normal. She turned white the other morning from all the frost as she dashed around the park - she looked as if she'd aged 10 years with one loop of the park!

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