Not again - surely not.

Matt's been looking forward to spending the weekend at the Mackays all week.  He was hoping that we could head down on Friday evening but I was home too late.  Saturday morning we woke to snow falling and a soft white carpet all over.  Thankfully it wasn't heavy snow and so we planned to leave for the Mackays just after lunch. 

With plans for a morning run along the canal with Syra foiled by the snow we settled for a stroll around Spice Ball Park.  Syra was giddy like a puppy, playing in the snow and chasing snow flakes.  She soon made friends with another dog who was equally as giddy and off they tore, chasing each other round and round.  It was on one of their laps that Syra lost balance, took a bit of a nose dive but then recovered and tore off after her mate.  The next time round Syra was quite a way behind and unmistakably limping.   After a quick investigation, it turned out that the poorly leg was holding up well enough but her other back leg was tender and so it was a slow old limp back home in the snow.

Fearing the worst, we took her in to the vets where, bizarely for her breed, it looked as though she'd pulled the cruciate ligament in her other back leg.   Bless her, just when she's gaining strength and enjoying walks in the park off the lead, she's fated to go through another two months of house bound rest.  With an appointment for an X-ray and probable op on Tuesday and a dose of painkillers that left her seeing stars, we headed down to the Mackays for what remained of the weekend.

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