Chemo - not this time

Only a 30 minute wait to see the Oncologist, Dr Spooner yesterday.  Things were off to a good start.  I'd contacted Matt's Macmillan nurses on Friday to make sure his chemo had been ordered and been assured everything was good to go.

Dr Spooner had other ideas though.  He was pleased with how well Matt looked - now that he's lost the puffiness and bloating from the steroids.  He then fumbled through the chaos of paper work on his desk, trying to find Matt's chest scan results as he was worried that the CCNU (or Lomustine) drug, part of Matt's chemo treatment, was causing pulmonory toxicity.  Dr Spooner wanted another chest x-ray and CT scan of Matt's lungs before agreeing to administer any more chemotherapy. 

So instead of leaving with Matt full of chemo, we left with an Oncology appointment in three weeks time, when Matt may have more chemo - the PCV or they may just give him the P&V and no more CCNU.  In the meantime we'll need to head back up to Birmingham so Matt can have a CT scan of his lungs.

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