Chemo tomorrow - anyone's guess

We've been witness to a budding love affair this week.  I'm pretty sure it's reciprocal although you never can be too sure about one of them.  Syra has been besotted with Jenni this week.  Jenni's been company during the day, given her treats for dinner and best of all, taken her out for walks.  I'm not too sure how Syra will cope tomorrow when Jenni heads back to France.

Matt's got another Oncology appointment tomorrow afternoon.  All going to plan, the Onocolgist, Dr Spooner will have Matt's lung CT scan results and his blood test results and will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not Matt can continue with his PCV chemo.  As Matt's breathing has been so much better since he had a break from chemo in February, we're pretty optimistic about the lung CT scan results. 

My understanding is that even if the lung results show some damage, Matt can still have more chemo, they'll just leave out the "C" part of the PCV treatment. 

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

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