Matt added a new drug to his cocktail of drugs - clobazam joined the party last night. 

The Prof suggested that taking 10mg of clobazam at night might help to control the auras Matt's been having and stop the seizures.  I added this to the 1,500 mg of Kepra and 400 mg of Tegretol that he takes at night. At least he's off the Phenytoin which was making him so lethargic.

Matt's been quite down since his Oncology appointment on Monday and the decision to postpone his chemo treatment.  I started to get worried when he still didn't want to eat anything even after a curry was delivered on Tuesday evening, usually a curry can fix all manner of ailments.  Yesterday Matt was still down and feeling rough so I cancelled my meetings and worked from home.  After a good sleep yesterday afternoon Matt woke refreshed and revived.

Meanwhile, Syra has been the model patient and her leg is healing beautifully.  Once again she's desperate to get out for walks but we still have to take it frustratingly slow.  She's now allowed out in the back garden off the lead but, much to her disgust, she still needs to be carried up and down stairs.

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