Forms, forms and more forms

It's been tough going down to one salary but we've had some great support from various charities which have really helped.  However, each time you approach a charity there's always a mountain of paper work to complete.

Before Christmas we got in touch with the NASUWT benevolent fund and the case worker, Ian Draper was great at helping us out.  We were able to clarify Matt's position at Banbury School - employed but off the payroll - we got advice on Matt's pension and retirement options and, after reviewing our accounts, we were given a Christmas bonus.  It's now time for them to review our case again so I'm faced with the daunting task of putting on paper the stark reality of our finances.  I've been putting it off but have now run out of excuses. 

Feeling rather overwhelmed right now but that may be due to the fact that I'm halfway through the paper work, helped by three espressos - all before 10 am! 



  1. I'll be there to lend a small hand next week x

  2. I'll be there to lend a small hand next week x

    1. Thanks Jenni, although I'm counting on you to be my gin drinking buddy!


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