Good thing or a bad thing?

We're back to the QE Hospital again today as Matt has another CT scan of his lungs.  His breathing has been much better lately so hopefully the scan won't show up anything untoward.

The thing that's troubling Matt at the moment is his speech.  Although slightly better than he was at the weekend, he's still struggling to find the right words.  I asked his Macmillan nurse if we could increase his steroids (10 mg of Clobazam to 15mg) but she said she wanted to see him first...  Usually when I've called up and she's suggested increasing one or another of his drugs.  I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that she wants to see Matt before altering his drugs.  Thankfully we'll be able to see her when we're at the QE Hospital for Matt's chest scan today.

Meanwhile, we're being spoilt at Chez Chadwick as Jenni is staying.  We're having yummy dinners cooked for us, the ironing's done and Syra's out and about for wee walks. 

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