Hospital Bureaucracy

7 January 2013 Matt arrives at the QE Hospital, Birmingham for his scheduled Oncologist appointment followed by PCV chemo treatment only to be told by the Oncologist (a new registrar) that there was no record of Matt's ongoing chemo treatment and as a result he couldn't receive his treatment that day.

Furious with the system - the inability to update records and for hospital departments, namely Oncology and Ward 621 to communicate with each other, I expressed my concerns to patient services.  My email to them was sent on 9 January.  I received a letter sumarising my email on 18 January stating "Whilst these (answers to the questions) will be urgently requested, it is important to appreciate the need for sufficient time to be allowed for a thorough complaint investigation.  I feel sure you will understand this and I am therfore sugesting a completion date of 14 March 2013". 

On 21 March I received a letter saying " is regrettably taking longer than had been anticipated to complete our review...  I will be in touch again within the next four weeks." 

How can a simple review of processes - recording notes properly and communication between two departments take nearly 3 months to investigate?  No wonder the NHS staff are so poorly paid - all the money goes into the bureaucracy. 

Should I feel guilty about wasting valuable resources investigating Matt's farcical visit on 7 Jan? 

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