More chemo

When we finally got to see the Prof, just 2 hours late, for Matt's scan results, it wasn't bad but wasn't good news either. 

To my untrained eye you could see little white flecks which indicated tumour in both the scan done in February and the scan done today.  They were slightly different but the Prof mentioned this was probably because Matt's head wasn't in exactly the same place.  Matt and I were both hopeful that this indicated the tumour had stabalised and would mean the end of chemo.  However, the Prof had other ideas - he indicated the scans were similar but not the same and so he wanted to continue with the chemo - the same PCV as Matt had been responding to it.  This came as quite a blow to both of us, I was getting used to having my perky Matt back, I'm not looking forward to him feeling wiped out again, especially with our 7th wedding anniversary weekend just 10 days away.

We mentioned that Matt had had a couple of fits recently and so the Prof suggested that Matt take Clobazam in the evenings or every other evening to help with this. 

Chemo's booked for Monday 8 April so time to fill the remaining 4 days up with living life to the full!

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