Recover, recuperation and relaxation

What a week!  Nothing particularly awful or difficult has happened, I've just felt as though I've aged every day!

Monday, the day after the night before, we returned home and made it to the sofa where we slept for a good couple hours to build up the energy to walk up the stairs to bed!  Needless to say, the day was a right off but well worth it - good company, good food and good times.

Matt's spent the rest of the week recovering whilst struggling with aphasia which seems to have become progressively worse during the week.  He's also become quite unsteady on his feet - the weakness on his right side more pronounced.  On the upside, he spent the majority of the week bonding with his new iphone, testing it out, listening to itunes and audio books and catching up on The Wire.

Syra was given an A* by the vet on Thursday evening - he was very impressed with her dancing around on the spot as she showed off how well her legs had healed.  She's now allowed up and down the stairs by herself and out and about on short walks around town. 

I'm now off the the hairdresser to get all the grey dyed out and covered up and then Jenni is joining us for a week so I'll have my gin drinking buddy back again - always more enjoyable when you can share it with someone!

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