Russell Watson & Matt

What do Russell Watson and my Matt all have in common?  Apart from them being legends in their own right, they've both, after being diagnosed with brain tumours, used it as a life changing moment to reassess their lives and go on to live life with no regrets. 

 "The last three years have changed Russell Watson forever. Changed who he is and the way he sings and how he feels about everything. Most people who’ve had a life-threatening experience will feel the same..."  from "about Russell Watson" .

For Matt, it meant the opportunity to travel, retrain as an English as a Foreign Language Teacher and then as a History Teacher.  It meant four years teaching in a secondary school where he knew he was making a difference.  Matt's in his element when he's in the classroom.  Just like his nana, he's on form when he has an audience and he was forever creating interesting ways for the students to learn.   Matt's missing that classroom environment right now as on 25 April 2011 a scan showed that, like Russell Watson, Matt's tumour had come back.  

Just like Russell Watson, Matt gained weight due to the concuction of drugs and steroids he was on.  With his determined and stubborn attitude and change of steroid, Matt's lost that excess weight and is now focussing on writing - holding a pen with his right hand.  

If Matt continues as Russell Watson has, he'll be singing opera next! 

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