Scan & results

Today's the day we've been waiting for, an MRI scan and an appointment with the Prof to get the results.  What's been going on in Matt's head these past 6 weeks?   Has the tumour stopped growing?  Has it decreased?  Will it start growing again?  Does he need more chemo?  Will they continue with PCV or will they change to CCNU? 

Part of me really hopes he doesn't have to have more chemo.  It's so draining and it would be heart breaking to see Matt slip back into existing and fighting to survive, especially since he really seems to have got some quality of life back these last couple of weeks.  However, if the chemo is only a short term loss for a long term gain, then I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it - Matt will take it all in his stride, that I'm sure.

So many questions, so few answers anyone can be sure about.  How will Matt be feeling later today, tomorrow, next week or next month? Should we make plans to look forward to or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?  I think it's the uncertainty, the inability to plan for anything further in the future than the next 12 hours that has been the most frustrating.

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