So much for knight in shining armour and damsel in distress.  Last night I was the one sent dashing out across the country in the pouring rain to save the boy from Birmingham as he'd left his medication back in Banbury...  Two hour round trip later and the boy was asleep in bed - so much for a hero's return!

Matt had a good night's sleep and a good sleep in, ready for a long afternoon at the QE Hospital.  First for the Oncology appointment with Dr Spooner and then Ward 621 for his chemo treatment.  No sooner had we checked in for Matt's Onocolgy appointment than we were called in! 

The CT scan of Matt's lungs showed some damage - possibly infection - because of the PCV treatment.  I suggested that Matt have the P &V part of the treatment and leave out the C (CCNU) as that was probably the part that was causing the damage to Matt's lungs.  Dr Spooner seemed agreeable to that.  Matt then suggested that he change his treatment to Temozolomide.  Dr Spooner seemed to think that this was an even better idea and within minutes the paper work was being drawn up.  Even better, Temozolomide consists of a 21 day course of tablets.  No intravenous injections, no waiting around in ward 621 and hopefully no breathlessness.  What a result!

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