MRI appointment

After complaining about having to spend hours waiting for appointments at the QE Hospital, today we were guilty of keeping them waiting.

The three of us, Jenni, Matt & I headed in to Oxford on Sunday afternoon for a wee stroll in the sunshine before going to see The Great Gatsby.  The first film we've seen all year and what a fab film it was.  Gatsby has set the standard for any future party - what a spectacular!  I was so pleased as we were finally able to use Matt's Cinema Exhibitors Association card - which meant his carer gets in free!!!

Despite it being well past our bedtimes by the time we got back home to Banbury, we made plans for the morning, agreeing to leave at 1230 which would give us ample time to get to the QE Hospital in Birmingham for Matt's MRI scan at 1400.  It wasn't until we were fastening our seatbelts, just about to leave that we checked the appointment letter and realised that his scan was at 1300, not 1400.  Oops. 

We drove as fast as our wee mini would take us and decided to take our chances with the scan.  Just as well it was a bank holiday as they agreed to squeeze us in.  Phew.  Thank god it wasn't a wasted journey. 

I'm going to be double checking Matt's Oncology appointment on Monday 3 June and his Prof appointment on Wednesday 5 June!

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