Day 12 of chemo

Day 12 of a 21 day chemo regime.  It's been a typical week in the house.  Lots of sleeping, an argument escalating to a bitch fight resulting in sedation and stitches.

That's right.  Not a dull moment with our Syra.  Matt's been coping ok on Temozolomide and has even been managing wee walks out and about with Syra.  It was on one of these walks, when they were just meters from home that the neighbour's dog realised that their front door was open and was out like a shot and caught Syra on her blind side.  A proper bitch fight ensued with poor Matt toppling over whilst trying to separate the dogs.  Matt, Syra and the neighbour were all shaken by the fight but all seemed well, no injuries - or so we thought.

Last night Matt mentioned that Syra had been licking her neck/chest all day.  I took a quick look and, hidden under all her fur was an undeniable open wound.  We took her straight down to the vets - her second home now - and stitches - 5 of them - were required to sort the wound out.  Syra's back home but is still seeing stars and swaying after being sedated!


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