French fling

Mal & Jenni invited us out to enjoy the sunshine with them in France this week.  I couldn't join them as I was busy at work however there was nothing stopping Matt from joining them.  In fact it would be great if he could go out there, then I wouldn't have to feel guilty for working such long hours.  I looked in to flights but wasn't sure whether or not Matt would be able to fly with his DVT and indeed whether he'd be up for flying after 21 days of chemo so I took a gamble and decided to wait and see nearer the time.  Claire, his Macmillan nurse seemed to think Matt should be fine with a short haul flight so long as he had plenty of water and had an aisle seat. 

By the time I got round to looking at flights again, everything had shot up in price and I couldn't find a companion to fly out to France with Matt - everyone's diary's were booked up well into summer...  Thinking we were destined for another week of me leaving for work while Matt was in bed and returning when he was just heading back to bed, Jenni came to the rescue.  Jenni flew in on Saturday evening and, much to Syra's delight, she's staying the week with us in Banbury.

This means that I'm able to stay onsite at work with my programme, saving me 2 hours commute each day.  While we aren't able to bask in the French sun it's not so bad as Matt's able to enjoy his mum's home cooking.

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