His n hers bank holiday

The Bank Holiday weekend seemed like the perfect time to head up to the Lakes to check out the cycle route for Race the Sun and to tackle Helvellyn.  I commandeered sister Rachel and family into joining me with promises of leisurely strolls up hills and ice creams by the lakes.

Rachel and family heading up
Shortly after Stafford Services the rain started to fall and the clouds rolled in.  The sat nav then took us the scenic route to the bottom of Helvellyn.  Hardy kiwis, we were underterred by the weather or the lateness in the day so after a quick picnic lunch - in the cars - we set off up Helvellyn.  After climbing steadily uphill for an hour we hit the fog - freezing fog.  The wind was whipping up and there was still snow at the top so rather than look for the Race the Sun path down, we headed back down the way we'd come, only stopping for scroggin once we were 3/4 of the way back down and out the freezing fog.

At the top - snow - in May!

Matt meanwhile, was back in Banbury with Syra, having a relaxing day in the warm weather.  No sooner had I left on Sunday than Jim and John showed up to take Matt out for a pub lunch and catch up.  Huge relief to know he had company as the mobile reception around the Lakes was as strong as the sunshine - non existent!

Tired and weary but proud of ourselves for getting up & down Hellvelyn in 3 hours, we headed to the Youth Hostel.  Pouring over the ordinance survey map later that evening we realised we'd taken a rather different route to the Race the Sun route - ours was definitely a shorter up & down but much steeper route! 


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