QE Hospital is sorry

The QE Hospital is sorry.  We received a letter from patient services at the QE Hospital yesterday - 3 months after we expressed concern about the farcical procedures for chemo patients to get treated.

According to the letter from patient services, to complete the investigation they had to talk to two people - the Sister of Ward 621 and the Matron for Oncology and Haematology.  It took them three months to track those two people down? 

It seems that as of yesterday, the QE Hospital entered the 21 century as they finally moved to electronic prescibing of the chemotherapy.  Who'd have thought that would be possible in 2013?  Scary to think that up until now all the chemo patients information is stored in paper files.  If the files are all as big as Matthew's then they'll need another hospital just to store them all!

The letter also addressed the debacle of Matt's 7th round of chemo back in January.  Apparently Dr Spooner did request the chemo but the rota was not completed - an admin error - "with Dr Spooner's request being misplaced somewhere between the secretarial team and ward 621".  

I wonder how many other people this has affected.  All I can say is thank god Matt's now on temozolomide and it's just pills he has to take.  No more hanging around ward 621 for us!

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