Shame on you Kris

I've got the guilts big time.  I've commited to three charity challenges this year - two for Macmillan and one for Action for Charity and what did I do last week?  Nothing but drive to work, sit at my desk, eat, drive home and then sit on the sofa with a bottle of wine.  So mad at myself for letting yet another week slip by without doing any training.

Meanwhile, the guy with the brain tumour, with the swollen right leg because of his DVT, who has to drag his right leg when he walks, has been out on wee walks with the dog every day.  Come rain or shine, Matt's committed to taking Syra out for as far as he can manage. Really puts me and my lame excuses to shame. 

Still, this week at work we have Colin Smith, Olympic rowing silver medalist and Oxford alum coming to do fitness sessions on our programme.  Hopefully he'll provide all the motivation to get me back out pounding the streets and churning through the gears uphill.  Three and half months until the first challenge.

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