Oncology - round 9

I think it's round 9 but it could be round 10 of chemo for Matt.  We're back up to the QE Hospital this afternoon, back to sit in Dr Spooner's windowless, souless office for 10 mins while he fumbles through Matt's notes and decides whether or not we'll continue with Matt's chemo treatment. 

To make matters worse, I forgot to let Matt know about his blood test at our local GP on Friday so now we have to negotiate with the hospital processes and procedures and hope that they can do a blood test and turn around Matt's results so Dr Spooner can have them in time for Matt's appointment.

A visit to the cancer centre and Oncology appointment at the QE Hospital is one of the most dreary and soul destroying experiences.  The cancer centre is still in the old hospital and you feel it as soon as those automatic doors open.  There's a suffocating staleness in the air.  You check in and then are left to sit - for what could be hours - in the hot, stuffy room along with all the other patients and families before you're called in to the windowless, impersonal room for your 10 mins with the Oncologist or his registrar.

So around lunch time today we'll drive the hour up to Birmingham for the priviledge of a 10 mins appointment with the Oncologist while he decides in the allocated 10 mins whether or not Matt will continue with his Temodol treatment.

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