The Audience theatre trip

So happy - despite feeling fatigued from his chemo, Matt decided to dig deep and head on down to London on Saturday.

We arrived at the Geilgud Theatre feeling that mid afternoon sleepy feeling so we popped in to Costa Coffee just across the road.  As it was pouring with rain and mid afternoon, it seemed everyone else in London was having their mid afternoon pick me up or using it to shelter from the rain.  Like a dutiful Brit, we joined the queue and who should join the queue behind us?  None other than Gail from Coronation St!  Finally, I'm taller than someone!!!  We made it back in time to queue in the theatre foyer and who should we be next to - none other than Andrew Marr - matching Matt with his weak side after his stroke.

The Audience was fabulous.  John Major didn't seem quite as useless, Tony Blair was disparaged, Brown & Cameron's mannerisms were replicated and very cleverly, the Queen was humanised.  Vincent Fund, thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon at the theatre.  At Matt's request, we finished off our jaunt to London with Dim Sum in China Town!


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