The outlook for Matt

We had an appointment to see Prof Cruickshank, Prof of Neurosurgery and the doctor that operated on Matt 15 years ago.  Although we had to wait for our appointment, everything else was the total opposite of our experience at Oncology on Monday.  The Prof knew exactly who Matt was, took the time to see how Matt was doing, engage Matt in conversation - a human conversation which included listening.  We felt like we could ask questions rather than the appointment having a time limit and that we shouldn't ask questions as they had a list of patient numbers to tick off the list.  Prof and Claire, I hope you realise just how much it means to patients and their families to be treated like humans.

Although Matt's aphasia is still very apparent, he's definitely looking and feeling better.  The Prof seemed to think that the most recent scan was either the same as the April one or very possibly (and maybe wishful thinking) that it showed slight signs of the tumour shrinking. 

The plan of action for now is to see how Matt's doing after 6 rounds of Temodol which takes us to around the end of Sept.  There are lots of options - stay on Temodol indefinitely, the possibility of some radiotherapy, switching to different chemo drugs, who knows, for now it's just a waiting game.  At least it's a waiting game in which we're discussing the future with Matt still very much at the centre of it.


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