The waiting game

10 mins Onocologist appointment, 1 hour drive to hospital both ways - add on 30 mins to get from car park to the ward = 2 hours 40 mins.  Bearable if that's what you're expecting.  What's not bearable is waiting in a hot, stuffy, airless waiting room for 2 and a half hours to see the Oncologist.

We arrived early so Matt could get his bloods taken at the hospital.  No problem, he was in and out and had the results in his hands within 10 mins.  We were well on time for our appointment with Dr Spooner.  All seemed well as we saw him shuffling around the waiting room as we were waiting.

I settled in to read my magazine while Matt listened to his audio book and started to feel rather sleepy.  I finished my magazine but still no inclination that our appointment would be any time soon.  We then saw Matt's Macmillan nurses and mentioned about Matt's scan last Monday - would the results of that have any impact on whether Matt continues chemo?  They then requested the scan to be reported so we waited some more.

Another hour went by of mind numbing sitting and waiting - not really the place to people watch.  Claire and Fred, Macmillan nurse angels then came to our rescue and said we would be better off seeing a registrar as we could be waiting till Christmas to see Dr Spooner.  A bit more waiting, and then finally we had our 10 mins with the registrar.

The good news is that Matt's scan is pretty much the same as his one in April.  No change is good news.  More chemo prescribed - another 21 days on Temodol.  Chemo to continue indefinitely.

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