Another week

Thankfully we've had a rather uneventful week.  Matt's ribs are healing nicely and he's able to move much more freely.  Syra had the pleasure of three young children for company over the weekend and took great delight in following their every move.  I have been enjoying the sunshine and finding every excuse under the sun not to get out on my bike and train.  I'm not feeling too guilty though as I've booked next week off with the intent to get some serious training in.

New Zealand didn't have such an uneventful week, starting last Friday they've had several 6 point plus earthquakes shaking them around and bringing back the awful memories of the Christchurch quake in Feb 2011.

We also found out that the lump that was growing on dad's head was indeed cancer.  The good news is the doctors think they've got it all. 


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