Dry August

That's it.  Time to get serious.  36 days until the charity event season kicks off.  36 days of not drinking.  Has to be done if I'm to survive the next 3 months.

To kick start myself into action I've booked the week off work to train, train, train.  Here's hoping I can still pour myself into the teeny tiny lycra training gear I used to fit!  I blame the weather - sun = chilled beer or wine (or two or three) in the garden.  Weekend = BBQ & Pimms.

Team SBS has had one cycle ride together as a team.  While I didn't embarass myself by getting totally left behind, I was clearly slowing the lads down - on the flat as well as climbing uphill.  As the lone female member of the team, there's a lot of pride at stake.  I'm pulling out all the stops, even if it means my no more gin o'clock for the next couple months.

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