Glamping in the Isle of Wight

Glamping - glamour camping.  Meet Ermintrude, she is, in her own very special way, glamorous however within moments of driving her, she quickly lost her glamour!

We picked her up from the Isle of Wight mid afternoon.  The first shock to the system was no power steering.  Second shock was putting my foot on the break and nothing happening!!! 

As Ermintrude was coasting down the hill to Shanklin, the petrol gauge, which moment earlier had shown half full, suddenly went straight down to empty, quickly followed by the oil light coming on.  Panicked, we pulled into a car park at the bottom of the hill and called the company up.  After 20 mins of not hearing from them and fed up with waiting, we decided to pootle on.  We came across a petrol station and filled her up to see if that would make her happier.  However, when I got back in the van, I was faced with 6 different keys - all of which fitted the ignition, but none would turn.  After 10 mins of frustration, I finally found the correct key, turned the ignition and the battery light came on - I'd managed to flood her...

This resulted in another call to the company and waiting for the guy to come, add more oil and give me a lesson in starting a rather cool looking but very frustrating campervan called Ermintrude.

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