Relaxing staycation?

We had the perfect week for it - blue skies, sun shine and a birthday to celebrate.

After our initial frustration with Ermintrude, she turned out to be a very cool camper, the talk of the campsite even, with everybody keen to check her out!  The campsite, Carpenter's Farm, was lovely - uncrowded, clean with great facilities. 

On Tuesday morning we set out for the beach but quickly realised that it was just too hot for Syra and Matt.  Undeterred, we headed for the Crab & Lobster Inn - a pub on a hill top with views out over the ocean.  After lunch we decided to take Syra down to the beach so I headed back to the van to hide away my handbag.  In between me putting my handbag away and returning to the table, Matt had managed to loose his balance, fall over the wall and crack his ribs - again.  Needless to say Syra didn't get her play on the beach.

Following Matt's rib cracking fall, we decided to have a lazy day on Wednesday and stay at the campsite all day.  Around 1700, Matt proceeded to have 3 fits, each one straight after the other, so the ambulance came out to check Matt out and once again we were the talk of the campsite!

Determined not to give in, Matt decided that he wanted to stay in the Isle of Wight, and to stay in Ermintrude for the next couple of nights rather than try and find a B&B with a real bed. 

Thankfully it wasn't third time lucky and Matt's birthday passed without incident.  I outdid myself and managed to cook bacon & eggs for breakfast and then, on Matt's request, we had lunch at a farm shop cafe just past Ventnor.


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