Temodol: round 3

Dr Spooner was suitably impressed.  After a short 40 mins wait in Oncology, we were ushered in to see Dr Spooner.  True to form he shuffled bits of paper, lost and found notes, answered his phone and was generally distracted for the 10 mins appointment.  Claire managed to sort out the paperwork, check his blood results and send us on our way with another 21 day prescription for Temodol.

The good news is that Matt's undeniably getting stronger.  He's looks fitter and healthier and when he's not tired or stressed, he's talking with ease. 

The bad news is that he's having fitful night's sleep again and so I'm also having broken sleep.  Fortunately for Matt, he can sleep all morning to make up for it.  I on the other hand, am keeping the coffee plantations in business by imbibing a steady flow of caffeine!

Next round of chemo is booked in for Monday 29 July - doesn't seem very far away at all.

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