Temodol: Round 4

So it's round 4 of Temodol tomorrow.  Another visit to the dithering Dr Spooner in Oncology.

Thinking back, this time last year Matt was on CCNU and doped up on dexamethasone steroids.  On our week away up in Scotland last year, Matt was ok travelling in the car but his one day out in Edinburgh completly knackered him and the rest of the holiday was spent watching the Olympics from our hotel room.

This year, Matt's on Temozolomide.  While he still gets tired and is progressively getting more tired as the Temodol starts to take its toll, he does seem to have more stamina.  There was no hotel room to rest in on our camping trip to the Isle of Wight, just a big open field and a little VW campervan! 

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