Charity Challenge No. 1

Tomorrow Team SBS sets off for the Lake District to take part in Race the Sun on Saturday 31 August.  It's been looming for months and I just can't wait until Saturday evening when it's finally over!!! 

Race the Sun consists of a team of four working together to complete a 35 km cycle from Penrith to the bottom of Hellvelyn, climbing Hellvelyn then getting back on your bike, cycling round Lake Thirlmere to get on 2 man canoes - paddle 3 km before getting back on the bike for a 40 km cycle back to Penrith.  The top teams complete the challenge in around 6 - 7 hours.  My aim is to get it over with as quickly as possible!  After months of training I've learnt that I'm really not fond of cycle pants, hills or cycling for that matter.  Give me a marathon any day...

So tonight Matt and Syra have headed up to Birmingham for the weekend and I'm left to pack.  I've already filled 3 bags with cycling, hiking and warm weather kit.  Not to mention the bag full of bottles of lucozade, gel packs, protein bars and trail mix!  Just hope I don't forget the bike!!!


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