Enough is enough

One day back at work and then the rest of the week off.  Would be great if work wasn't so stressful.  Matt woke at 3 am on Tuesday morning and that was it, I was awake and my mind was racing.  Then my breathing started to get tight so I thought enough was enough, called in sick and booked myself an appointment with the doctor.

Turns out it's nothing more than anxiety.  At the moment it just seems like everything is up in the air - Matt's health, finances, expectations at work.  On top of that I've got the pressure of training for the charity events and something had to give.

Despite being knackered from being awake since 3 am, try as I might, I wasn't able to sleep yesterday.  Thankfully I had a good, deep sleep last night and woke feeling a little better today.  Tomorrow's another day and hopefully things will be even better tomorrow.

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