Locked out

Yippee, last long cycle and run acomplished, ticked off and completed.  One more weekend, one more slightly shorter cycle and run and then it's make or break - Race the Sun.

I set off for Oxford on Saturday morning, trying to head out before the rain set in.  My last long cycle ride before the big day and I couldn't wait to get it over and done with!  Three hours and 7 mins later I returned home to find Matt locked out of the house.  Bless him, he'd gone out to the market to pick up our fruit & vege for the week but taken the wrong key with him so had been locked out the house, staring through the glass door at Syra for the past two hours. 

This morning I woke early and set out on my second to last long run before the Great North Run on 15 September.  Matt didn't have a good night and spent most of the day in bed feeling wretched.  Not too sure what's wrong - he had a bout of diaharrea, felt tired and I think a little bit down, despite the Villa winning 3-1 yesterday.

Tomorrow we're back at the QE Hospital for another Oncology appointment - a week earlier than usual as next Monday's a bank holiday.

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