Prof Cruickshank

Matt, Mal, Jenni and I all trooped in to the Prof's office to get Matt's latest MRI scan results.  We saw the imaging comparing his July scan with the scan in May and there wasn't much difference, basically no change.  So in one way, great news as it means the Temozolomide is stopping the tumours from growing but not so great in that the tumour's still there and the chemo probably isn't enough to get Tommy to beat a retreat.

What the Prof did suggest we could try was the Ketogenic diet!  Katie Sheen, founder of the astro fund  has done a lot of research into the Ketone diets.  So it looks like Matt's beloved pasta and pesto is a thing of the past and it's all natural, non processed meals for him.

As the tumour's so close to the speech centre, the Prof thought this might be the reason Matt's struggling with his aphasia at the moment.  He encouraged Matt to persist with his speaking, not to give up - to keep on keeping on.


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