Temozolomide: round 5

The last bank holiday of the year.  Matt's Oncology appointment was meant to be today but as it's a bank holiday, he had his appointment last Monday but he starts round 5 of Temozolomide tonight.  Not great as he's been feeling tired and generally not great this weekend.

Matt's still got way more energy than he had after round 5 of CCNU - he's addicted to Championship Manager, playing for hours on end and is avidly listening to the football on the radio.  (So pleased we don't have Sky Sports!)  Matt's not quite as energetic as he was at the beginning of August though - he's not out surveying the garden quite so much and the kitchen counter that he started to sand and oil remains 1/4 complete.  He's also taken to having afternoon siestas again - who can blame him for that though?!

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