The wheels on the bike go round and round

You're cycling along, pedalling your wee legs off and then somone on a road bike goes sailing past you.  Cousin Gemma, who's loaned me her mountain bike for Race the Sun, came down to go out for a cycle with me yesterday afternoon.  We cycled in to Oxford and back, up hill and down dale, battling an annoying side wind and arrogant white van drivers.

For the most part I really enjoyed having a cycling companion.  However, it was rather galling that every hill I struggled up, Gemma went sailing past me!  No matter how much training I do, hills remain my nemesis.

One more day home alone in Banbury before Matt & Syra come back home.  Matt has an appointment with the Prof at the QE Hospital tomorrow and we get his scan results.  Maybe we'll get some answers about his aphasia which is really frustrating Matt at the moment.  One thing's for sure, it will be good to have Matt & Syra back home again.


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