Great North Run number - 8811

The Great North Run - the first of the two half marathons I'm running for Macmillan is only days away. 

I've got today off work so I can go for one last short run and get ready for heading up to Newcastle with sister Rachel tomorrow.  The weather's not looking great - 14 degrees and wet.  This poses the problem - do I run in a jacket or not?  How many layers should I wear?  Or more to the point, how many layers can I fit under the Macmillan strip?! 

Tomorrow morning Matt, Syra, Rachel and I will pile into the wee mini, drive on up to Birmingham where Matt and Syra will spend the weekend with brother Jim.  Rachel & I will then continue on up to Newcastle - join the pasta party at Gateshead on the Saturday night so I can maximise the carbo loading!!! 

On Sunday I'll be proudly wearing the green Macmillan strip - watch out for number 8811.  I'm looking forward to absorbing the atmosphere of the run but I also want to finish it in under 2 hours - watch this space!  Matt, Claire and Fred, this one's for you.

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