It's all go!

It's been a while...  Sheila's had her 60th, Luke's had his 40th and dad's back in hospital.  Matt's application for retirement is in progress, our remortgage application is in progress and the heating's back on!

Last Sunday dad was admitted into hospital again with a racing heart.  He's been kept in for the week so they can stablise it and make sure he's on/taking the right amount of medication at the right time.  Thankfully no operations this time, just bed rest for dad and a bit of a break for mum.  So long as dad's heart behaves itself, he should be home again today.

Whilst celebrating Luke's 40th Chadwick style, it seems that the Three Peaks Challenge was mentioned and we now have a dedicated team of Chadwicks/Foleys taking on the challenge next June - Friday 13 June 2014 ring any bells?!

Meanwhile, back in Banbury, paperwork is flying about.  I met with the Head of Banbury Academy, Fiona last week and she's signed off all his paper work for ill health retirement.  We're now waiting on the Prof to complete the medical data before I can submit it - will be a while though as he's now off until the end of the month.

Our application for a remortgage is progressing.  We had the valuation on Tuesday which Matt seemed to think went ok.  Now it's just waiting for more paper work to be completed before we know whether or not our remortgage has been approved.  Fingers crossed.

After a not so great Monday, Matt's had a pretty good week, even staying up to watch the England v Ukraine match on Wednesday night. 

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