I was so pleased to get home on Friday night knowing that I didn't have to do or go anywhere this weekend.  As always, there was lots on the "to do" list but nothing that absolutely had to be done.  Just as well as it's been another weekend of sleepless nights.  Thankfully I had more or less recovered from my man flu by Friday night - a medicinal glass of red wine and lem sip sorted me right out. 

Unfortunately work was playing on my mind on Friday night so Saturday morning when I woke at 4 am there was nothing for it but to get up and start the day.  Saturday soon merged into Sunday and when Matt woke at 2 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, that was it, I was up again.  As a result, despite Matt not feeling great, he's been the one cracking the whip and getting things done today, putting me to shame.  Rather annoyingly it's meant that I haven't been able to get out and go for a run - only one more weekend before the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Macmillan. 

Tomorrow Matt has another Oncology appointment.  We'll see whether or not they decide to continue with the Temodol or give him a break.  All going well, the speech therapist should give us a call tomorrow morning too.  She's been so hard to get hold of - Matt emailed her in August but with no reply and I've left I don't know how many voice messages.  Let's hope he doesn't have to go back on a waiting list and can get an appointment within the next week or two.

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