Round 6 postponed

Matt was all ready for round 6 of Temozolomide today however when we arrived at Oncology, it was just Dr Spooner and no registrars.  The wonderful Claire saw us and suggested that as Matt's speech had deteriorated so much he have another scan before deciding whether or not to proceed with round 6 of temodol or if some other chemo treatment might be more effective.

Matt's booked in for a scan on Sunday and this will be reviewed by the medical team on Tuesday 01 October.  We're then due back in Onocology on Monday 07 October when we'll get the results and Matt will either continue with the Temodol or he'll be put on a different type of treatment.  In the meantime, we're increasing Matt's steroids, prednisilone, by another 5 mg so he'll be on 20 mg a day.

On one hand it's great that they're reviewing his treatment but on the other hand it means that something's changed inside Matt's head to cause the deterioration in his speech and it might mean Tommy's growing again.  

The speech therapist called this morning and Matt's back on the wait list for speech and language therapy.  The good news is he's been fast tracked, the bad news is it's still a 6 week wait - better than 13 weeks though!

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