All nighter

Just done my first all nighter since Concord College.  However, this time, rather than staying up playing drinking games and watching the sun rise, I was in A&E with Matt.

Matt had his chemo at the Brodey Centre in Banbury yesterday afternoon.  The Brodey Centre is so different to ward 621 - you're treated as a human being and not just another hospital number.  The nurses know all the patients by name and get cross when you don't have a biscuit with your cup of tea!  Apart from the chemo infusions taking around 3 hours and the magazines running out after an hour, the treatment went well.  Matt had his dinner in bed and was asleep around 2030.

Matt woke just after 2300 to go to the toilet.  I went to the bathroom with him to make sure he didn't fall and noticed that he was shivering.  I decided I'd better take his temperature and it was 37.9.  We decided to call the advice line, just in case Matt had an infection.  They advised us to wait 20 mins then take his temperature again.  20 mins later it had gone up to 38.4 and we were advised to take Matt to A&E.

A&E never gets any better - endless questions, tests and waiting around.  Thankfully it was quite quiet and as usual, the nurses were charmed by Matt.  By the time he got to A&E his temperature was back down to 37.5 but just to be sure, they gave him some paracetemol followed up by some antibiotics for it.  After copious tests, they confirmed the temperature wasn't because of an infection from the chemo, it was a viral infection.  Around 0430 Matt was transferred to the Emergency Assessment Unit.  The lovely nurses in A&E had secured him a side room in EAU - a room to himself so he could have peace and quiet.   We waited until 0600 to be seen by a nurse in EAU and answer yet more questions and then I toddled off home for a coffee & 40 winks.

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